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Cellular Transformation Therapy©

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It's a gentle non-invasive system of energy infusion designed to boost cell energy which then prompts an immune response.   Cellular Transformation Therapy© is Virtual Medicine – another description for energy healing.  It is a blending of Biology plus Bio-magnetic and Universal Frequencies. In Neuroplasticity it’s called Neuromodulation.  It is not offered as a cure but an opportunity for the body to heal itself – what I call self-healing.  Cells are self-healing.  

The feature of CTT© that differentiates it from most other modalities is the use of a structured Energy Field surrounding and anchored into the physical body.  Its shape is an Octahedron (3 Dimensional Diamond) and consists of many fine lines of current named etheric meridians. This structure is called the Pattern and it is the immediate and personal environment where the biological process of Epigenetics stimulates the genes within the cell.

Sessions  take approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours and include repair of the Biofield, a cellular energy infusion and balance which creates the opportunity for Self Healing of both your Body and Light Body.

For Distance Healing Sessions, I have a specific technique for working in your Pattern - yes ON MY HEALING TABLE - while you rest at home.  Afterward, I send you an email explaining the session.

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create accelerated healing through cell rejuvenation and offers immediate results of relaxation, clarity and balance.


De-stresses at a deep level
Effects every Cell
Energises your Core Power Force
Relieves outmoded patterns of behaviour
Mends Anomalies in your Biofield (Pattern)
Balances your Chakras
Opens you to Your Potential
Complements Traditional and Alternative Therapies

The ultimate goal of CTT© is to offer pathways to live your potential – to BE LOVE and LIGHT in every moment.

Cellular Transformation Therapy©

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