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AUTHOR: CHANGE YOUR CELLS CHANGE YOUR LIFE, I am A LIGHT (book and CD), Awake Aware Alight (Audio Techniques)

the five ancient elements

MY BIG DREAM is that every person avails themselves of the KEY TO QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS and thus Live their Potential.


What a world that would create.  I hold this deeply in my heart for humanity’s way forward.

When I left my corporate life in Sydney in 1995 it was my intention to continue more of the same as a roving Tax Agent.  Thank goodness spirit had another plan.  My health took a dive for the worst and set me on a new pathway.


Those first years were absorbed fully in my own healing.  I discovered the gift of healing that is within every one.  I began with myself and my journey since then, has been remarkably fulfilling. Crammed with study and research, experience and practice, I have found a passion and am deeply humbled by the discovery of my gifts of healing, my supernatural abilities and the joy in communicating this through regular workshops.

In my practice, clients present with many and varied symptoms -some with illness or physical problems - others with emotional or personal problems that they felt required change. Each person’s treatment is unique and each session is delivered to facilitate healing for their individual and immediate circumstances and always to seed the potential for their choice toward quantum conscious living. I do not claim to ‘cure’ but to promote Self Healing.

I live Quantum Consciousness - my passion- Being a Light in every day.  (It would be so pleasurable to find everyone lived this way).  My practice has been in Brisbane, Sydney, Hong Kong, Eumundi and Caloundra Markets and I continue to practice in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. The books I have written - firstly I Am a Light, One Page Wisdom (co-author), and Change Your Cells, Change YOur Life as well as the companion Guided Techniques Awake Aware Alight all stem from my desire to share my knowledge in pratical ways.


And I offer my story as an illustration rather than including client case histories.  My policy is one of respectful privacy. What I can tell you, and share, is that I see living proof of the success my clients experience as they move in their renewed everyday life. Sometimes it takes years to have this type of feedback, sometimes it is instantaneous.  


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